Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt — PyQt6 Edition

Martin Fitzpatrick
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The Hands-on Guide to Building Desktop Apps with Python

Includes PyQt5 & PyQt6 Editions

Ready to build your own apps?

In this book I'll show you how to create your own desktop applications in Python. Starting with a basic window on your desktop, we'll work up to more complicated — and real — applications.

I've been developing Python desktop applications for 8 years using Qt. It's a great way to create professional-looking and portable apps easily. I want to pass that knowledge on to you.

In 2021 the book was updated for Qt6. With this purchase you will receive both the PyQt5 and PyQt6 editions of the book and any future updates.

— Martin Fitzpatrick 

What do I get?

Complete 665 page ebook of explanations, tutorials and code to walk you through the first steps of building your own GUI applications with Python. 211 complete working code examples

  • Source code for all examples in the book

  • Build your own Web Browser walkthrough "Mozzarella Ashbadger"

  • Source code for 2 example apps Mozzarella Ashbadger web browser and Moonsweeper a minesweeper clone built with PyQt

The ebook includes the following chapters —

  • Creating a Qt application

  • Signals & Actions

  • Widgets, Layouts & Dialogs

  • Designing apps with Qt Designer

  • Styles and themes

  • MVC-architecture and SQL Databases

  • Plotting with PyQtGraph and matplotlib

  • Advanced Signals & Events

  • Threads & Processes in Qt applications

Includes PDF, EPub and Kindle formats.

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Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt — PyQt6 Edition

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